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Friday, January 11, 2008

Train trip and more

I have talked about doing a train trip with the kids since November, and On Wed. January 09, we finally did it. We went to the Bakersfield Amtrak station and boarded a train for lovely Wasco. The ride took 25 minutes or so, and we got to board the train 30 minutes early. I didn't get a great shot of the kids on the train because they were too excited looking out of the windows, and I figured that was more important than a picture of them smiling at the camera. I was amazed at how quiet they were- they took in every detail. I had a great time, too. It was an easy field trip. My mom aided us greatly by dropping us off in Bakersfield and meeting us out in Wasco. The Wasco train station can best be described as "seedy". It was a small building with bathrooms that we deemed too scary to go into, and I'm not exactly sure if the people there called it home. They didn't board the train, and we were the only ones to get off. All in all, for $9.00, the four of us had a great trip.
Yesterday I took Kacy and Will to the dentist for the first time. Kacy did great; she let them do whatever they wanted. She had x-rays and her teeth cleaned. Will wouldn't do x-rays, but he let them do a visual and then as he sat on my lap he let them do a cleaning, too. He did really good! (He doesn't like change, new situations, unknown things.) They both got a toothbrush and stickers and talk about going again in July.
Yesterday I also had a Dr. appointment. I am 32 weeks and some days. It was a quick belly check and heartbeat, and my belly is getting bigger, and the heartbeat is still there.
We had a busy 24 hours and I'm glad it's all over and we are back in our trailer. I do have a funky smell coming from the fridge. It smells like hard boiled eggs, even though I don't have any of those. I did a smell check on everything (except the two cartons of eggs I just bought) and can't find it, even with my pregnant nose. That is one of my chores for today: find the mystery smell and banish it! ***Edit*** I found the smell. It was a package of chicken legs that I had planned on eating today. They went bad WAY too fast- I just bought them on Monday! I guess I should check the dates better on the food I buy.


  1. What a GOOD IDEA! I bet Will was in heaven.

  2. That sounds like fun...we will have to do one the next time we go to Bako!

  3. Looks like you had fun. Love the picture of them looking out the window. Tell them Uncle Dandy said howdy. Love you guys.