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Sunday, February 3, 2008

30 more days?

My lilypie.com counter says only 30 more days until my due date- I love that little thing. I'm glad I found the very simple way of moving it to the top of my blog instead of the bottom. I was one of those girls that used to make paper chains for anything I was excited about counting down. In fact, my sister Kendra had a paper chain hanging in her house and I said "What's the countdown for?" and her Michael said "How do you know that's a countdown?" DUH! He OBVIOUSLY never made a paper chain countdown when he was younger. (It was for their trip to Disneyland...) I have never made it to my due date, so maybe I'll have LESS than 30 days.
In other news, when we woke up this morning there was some snow on the ground, but since it had started raining again, it was more like a slurpee. It was exactly like a slurpee. Nasty stuff to walk in. The canyon has been closed all day, and it is currently snowing again. Perfect weather for staying indoors and being warm.

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