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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cement Work

We had cement work done today- the trucks showed up with a hired pumping guy, and Ryan and his dad were there to do the work. Here are the pictures that Ryan's dad took of the scene. I wasn't there, since I am staying with my mom in Bakersfield until this kid is born.

This is a shot of our well. It is missing the pressure tank, which was moved so we could pour new cement. Ryan wants to build a well house- a structure to enclose the well and all the operating stuff that goes with it. It will make it look neater, and keep things clean and out of the heat and snow a little. The plywood sign looking thing is the board that has our meters mounted to it for our electricity. The white pipe sticking out of the ground is the actual part of the well that hold the pump that draws the water out of the ground. Our well stats: I think it's around 265 feet deep, and our water table starts at around 25 to 30 feet. This is all optional, nothing to get the house done, but to make life nice.
A shot of Ryan and the pumper guy. And of course, a shot of the house.
A different angle of the house. Next week we hope to have a baby. I mean, next week we hope to have the rest of the footings completed by having the block work done. (A baby wouldn't be bad either...)

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