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Monday, February 18, 2008

A new swear word

Ed has his own new swear word. He says it when he is mad at someone, or upset with someone (usually me or Will) What is it? E-I-E-I-O! Sometimes said with anger, sometimes said with sadness. Always funny for me. This started yesterday, and has been going on all day today.


  1. Well at least he chose a non-swear word for a swear word. yesterday was a particularly bad day for my 2 littlest and swear words. C's fav is DAM@ and O likes HE!! O decided to say it at a friends house. How embarrassing!

  2. That's cute! Warrens cuss word is Holy Shoot. He got it from Mater. But you have kids so you probably figured that out. LOL! How have you been? Come Over!

  3. I wish more people would use the swear word E-I-E-I-O. Mambe we could get Hollywood to use it in all the movies. Get the E-I-E-I-O out of here. Well you get the picture.