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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random Update

Nothing new to report (NO BABY) except that Ryan is going crazy being up in the mountains all by himself. I thought he might enjoy a little time away from the family in the trailer- being able to sleep longer/better because it would be quieter, being able to watch a show on TV without Ed turning it off (he loves those buttons) or all three kids running back and forth, back and forth, while making as much noise as possible. Turns out that it's one of those things where you say "It's quiet. A little too quiet". We miss him too, and George, but hopefully I'll have this baby soon and it will be done with! My mom has been very helpful in giving the kids a bath at night when I am at my least able to move well. She also bought a lot of snacks for my kids and is surprised that they don't eat them. Her comment: "What am I going to do with all this food?" Our kids are great eaters at meal times, unless they had too many snacks. So at home I try to limit their grazing, and when they do have a snack, it usually involves a fruit or cheese and maybe a cracker. I have happily come to the conclusion that me going crazy with my kids that last few months is NOT due to TRAILER LIFE. It is due to my kids! They drive me crazy here in my parents 3000 sq. feet house. And, they like to be around me. I should feel honored and flattered that they bring toys out of the toy room and into the room where I stay just to be close to me. So, my 300 sf trailer still isn't so bad after all. It's been a solid 2 1/2 years of trailer life, and there are a couple of things that bug me a little, all having to do with the storage of clothing, but it really isn't so bad. I told Ryan today that he has a great wife because every other woman I talk to says something like "never!" would they do it. I also get a lot of sympathy, which I don't like, because I don't want it. I chose this path, and if you catch me on a bad day I might complain, but our house is showing progress, we no longer live in that campground (THAT WAS A HARD 14 MONTHS FOR ME) and in the end we will have a super-duper house. I really can't complain, except that I would like not to be pregnant anymore. I think this baby is a little too cozy and just doesn't care about coming out early like the rest of them. It is out of my hands, as I refuse to do anything to induce myself besides giving piggy back rides to the kids, walking... although I heard dehydration might work. Hmmm... Oh, and yea spell checker is working again!


  1. Hey it was good to see you today. You look good, not at all like you are as far along as you are. You are little. Hey I have a guess on your sweet hearts quiz but don't have your email so anyone who hasn't guessed yet, STOP reading this now, I don't want to spoil it. Is it a CMU, Concrete Masonry Unit aka foundation block?

  2. hi there - here via wacky wheelers.

    My parents had 5 of us kids in a trailor while they built our house, so i can relate! Hope all goes well with your baby! :)

  3. Awesome that your Mom can help! Good Luck with the baby!