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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Today and LULU

Today I ate spicy food(at Chipotle with Amy) in hopes of starting labor. So far, it has done nothing, which just reminds me that I have no control over this whole thing. That might be good though, because I still haven't packed a bag all the way. I threw some things in a bag, but it's incomplete. Maybe I should finish that. Kacy has her own countdown. Every day at lunch she looks at my mom's calendar that is on the wall next to her and says "Mom! Only ____ more days until Jessie is born!" and I asked her what date she thought she would come, and she answers "On the 29th!" every time. That would be weird if she really did know. The kids got up WAY too early this morning, and made sure I was up, too. I was not happy. We had a rough morning, as I no longer sleep at night. The afternoon/evening has been much better. Now we just need to do bath time and bedtime, and I will be happy.
I am TRYING to publish my blog on lulu.com as a book, and I am having formatting problems. Their live chat help is worthless. I'm not completely computer illiterate, so I am frustrated that I should know how to do this but that it is not working for me. I hope to get the bugs out soon!


  1. What kinds of problems are you having? I went through every single one and finally figured it out so I might be able to help you!

  2. My goal is to have a year of mine published this week. I too am going to do it on Lulu. I'm thinking I may need Jocelyn to give me a tutorial though. Wouldn't it be kinda cool if your baby was born on the 29th? A leap day baby!

  3. Formatting issues- like my word document is set to page size 8.25x10.75 (the size they say for hardcover) but when it is converted to pdf it says it has to resize it (to 8.25x10.75) and it messes up all the pages by moving text/pics down/lots of spaces...

  4. That was one of my problems too. How big is your file? Are you converting it to a PDF or is lulu? I ended up converting mine first and then sending it and it was so much easier and faster. I downloaded cutiewriter (for free) and it converts it to pdf and then I just uploaded the pdf file to lulu. There are a couple things that you have to do though so if you want to go this route let me know and I will explain it in more detail. ;)

  5. If you haven't guessed Ryans Quiz STOP READING NOW!!!!

    I recant my first guess after further research I now say "dobe" used to keep rebar off the ground so it doesn't rust!