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Monday, February 11, 2008

An update

It's been a while, mostly due to lack of conveinent Internet. We now have high speed via Hughesnet satellite service, and fast is nice! I can see videos and pictures, and we can now read PDF files. We've had AOL for about a decade though, and not having that is going to be a change. Some things that have happened since my last post that I remember:

*Baby shower for Jessie and me. I got lots of cute clothes and approximately 910 diapers, give or take a package. Love those diaper raffles! I have since been trying to organize all the stuff and get her crib ready. She at least needs a place to sleep.

*While in the car one day on the way to the doctor, Kacy was talking NON-STOP. It was so annoying because she would shift from pretend stories and ideas (Mom, can I get a purple horse? With spots?) to real thinking questions (Mom, what is a fig tree? Mom, what is 28 plus 14?) so I finally said "Kacy! You are talking too much right now. Please stop and let mom drive." Her reply: "Mom, it's what I do. So, blah blah blah..." Today Kacy had a math morning. She spent some time adding numbers. Ryan and I gave each other "the look". I'm a little worried about what she is going to do in school. She doesn't know how to read yet, but it wouldn't surprise me if she did this summer. "Mom! 2+2=4 and 3+3=6 and 8+4 is 12!" The girl remembers everything I tell her. EVERYTHING. I told her once (in the car, of course) that when you have big numbers to add to put the biggest one in your head and then use your fingers. So she does... And she is so excited for Valentine's Day. She told me it was her favorite because it has hearts, and it's about loving your friends and family, and you get chocolate.

*Will's speech is getting better and better all the time. Today he fell off the slide upon landing and had a dirty, dirty face. He was crying (of course) and I asked him if he was hurt. He said, "No, I'm not hurt, I'm dirty!" I cleaned his face and under all the dirt he has mild road rash. He is learning to rhyme and keeps rubbing my belly and asking about baby Jessie.

*Ed is still the devil. He runs and runs away from me while laughing the whole time. He is very loving, but a pain in the neck (or belly/back) right now. Maybe if I was in good shape it wouldn't be so bad.

*Ryan is ready for the first inspection for our house. Many people seem to think it is taking forever, and to a point it seems like it sometimes. But with all the work and the little details, and a one and two man show (the second man would be Ryan's dad who has come up several times to help)- it is a lot of work. We are now so thankful to a family friend/contractor who worked up a materials list and a few bids for lumber and came in at half the price of the first one- 22,000 to 27,000 bucks. Let us dance a happy jig. We MAY hire a framing crew to frame the house now. Ryan could do it solo in 6 months to a year, but a framing crew could do it in a week. Four kids in our trailer makes a week sound positively enticing.


  1. A house framed in one week does sound nice! I am glad things have been going well for you. I thought you might have had the baby a little early...

  2. That is funny! We were on a family vacation once when I was little and my dad told me to try to be quiet for just five minutes, that I was driving him nuts! My reply was, "Can't help it Dad I was born to talk and born to shop!"LOL! My family has never let me forget that!