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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter 2008

The ants like Easter, too.
Will and Kacy getting ready for the hunt at the Bunting's house (grandma and grandpa's).
Ed liked finding eggs as soon as he realized there was candy in them.

Easter was fun for all this year. We went to the Bunting's for a yummy dinner that included roasted asparagus (my favorite thing on the table this year), then we headed out to my grandma Mayhall's house for my side of the family festivities. There was desserts there- enough fat and sugar on the table to send the kids into sugar shock and the adults a diabetic coma. It was great! The Easter bunny left the kids a chocolate bunny and some Reece's pieces "carrots". Next year maybe I'll try to make matching outfits for the girl's and find matching clothes for the boys. MAYBE.

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