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Saturday, March 8, 2008

House Update

Masonry wall completed! Now Ryan is busy taking off all the forms. It's a little sad really- we spent all that time digging, building forms, digging some more, and now it's all being torn down. But it's great! Ryan is going to town on Monday to pick up lumber and he's going to start framing the sub floor and all that THAT requires. So the next steps are sub floor and rough plumbing. And somewhere in there is putting the water/phone lines in and burying those, and then back filling the wall in the picture. That will take about a day- not too bad. It's nice having Ryan have one month off, especially with the new one. He gets up early with the kids if I've had hectic night. He also helps with the cooking and older kid watching. Very helpful. Jessie is a good baby, as far as the last 6 days have gone. The typical baby stuff-eat, sleep, diapers, repeat.


  1. I really enjoy seeing your house updates. Im sure you are looking forward to getting into it as well. I look at what you guys have done doing all the work yourself and then where mine is at not doing anywork at all. I really admire what you guys are doing. I dont know many women are willing to live in a trailer for has long as you have. I hope the rest of the house goes quickly.

  2. A new baby and the house is coming along...life must be good.

  3. How exciting... But it seems weird seeing a house go up without a basement first!! I guess I have lived outside of California too long.