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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's been a week!

It's been a whole week since I've written anything. I have been very busy! I have been helping Ryan as much as I can. I have been doing all my household stuff, too. It can be hard to do anything with a newborn, but I feel like I'm doing an okay job. My house isn't as clean and organized as I like it to be, but it is still guest worthy, as long as whoever comes in knows my room is the messiest, and I'll probably have to move toys out of the way. Here are some pictures of the girls. I plan on posting pictures of our house in the next day or two- Ryan has made some more progress, of course. He works on the house for the whole day, coming in only to eat. Even then, I have taken lunch out to him and he eats out at the house.

Kacy and Jessie- Kacy loves her little sister.
Jessie today, sitting in her dad's chair.
This is how she spends her evenings- looking for food. She slept through the night last night (9pm to 6:15am!!!) and the last few evenings she has been causing me grief. She eats and eats and is awake the whole time. She cries when I put her down- she loves to eat and eat! I can't get Ed out of the bath and dressed one handed- tonight I got out my prized baby possession- the Baby Bjorn. I LOVE it. I bought it with number one, and have number four in it right now. It works great!


  1. Great pictures. Your girls are really cute. And it looks like your oldest has her mommy's hair. My daughter's hair is curly too but it is not because of me. I wish!!!

  2. Jessie is adorable! I sympathize with the eat and eat thing as well. Ellie is four and a half months and has decided she wants to eat every three hours during the night again.

  3. Those are the most adorable, cutest, beautiful, amazing granddaughters! Can't wait to see them again tomorrow.

  4. She is adorable, and you are one busy Mama!! Let me know when your up for a visit, I would love to take a drive up and help out if you need anything!

  5. She is precious Karrie. Seeing her almost gives me baby fever... ALMOST. :)