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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Jessie and lulu.com

Here is Jessie- I think I took this picture yesterday. It may have been today. I am doing very well; she is being nice to me at night by sleeping at least for one five hour stretch. I do notice that I'm tired when I get a diaper out to change her and then can't find it. Or when I ask Kacy if I already got her the juice she asked for. Or when I put Will's clothes on Ed. But since those are minor, life is going well.
My blog book came today. I LOVE it. Ryan is really impressed, I can tell. He said 30 years from now the book will be nice to have- it's pictures and words all rolled into one. Most people have photo albums, some keep journals, but the book ended up being both. Super scrapbooking without the scraps of paper everywhere. I will try to post a little more often this year just my 2008 book is more complete.


  1. I am SOOOO excited to see your book!! It looks nice from the pictures. I am really thinking about getting my book republished in the hard cover.

  2. Thats so Cool. How do we get books made. Jessie is adorable.

  3. Jessie is adorable and I'm glad your dong good. At least Kacy isn't in Eds cloths, it could be worse. I am definately doing a LULU book the end of the year.

  4. I have lots of questions for you... how much was it? How many pages is it? Do you have to do lots layouts for the individual pages or does the website do it? What about comments people leave on your blog are they included? Just curious...

  5. Boy I have those same problems with my memory and I haven't had a baby in almost 2 years! Your little girl is really cute... it makes me think maybe it is time for another little one at my house.

    I love your book. I was reading about this website somewhere but didn't really know how it turned out. Ryan is right... it will be nice to have.