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Saturday, March 22, 2008

More house

This is a shot of the dwarf walls (no, it's not politically correct, but since we have come across no other name for them anywhere, the terminology is the same as in the "olden days"). These walls are what hold up the I-beams. On top of the I-beams goes the floor sheeting, and then our sub-floor is complete! That will be next weeks tasks for Ryan. My job is to paint the white stuff on the bottom of the wall to prevent moisture from seeping into the block, just as a precaution.


  1. Good job KARRIE!....way to paint. I love all the house pictures. Okay AND the BABY pictures of Course!! Sorry we missed you yesterday, but the kids were just out of control all together, so we had to take off. :) I was definately in a not so patient mood yesterday.

  2. Okay so will that be like a basement or thats just the crawl space ...or what ? And what is the scale? Is that door on the side a full size door or small little opening? Good job - I love watching all the progress!