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Monday, April 21, 2008

Barrett-Jackson Auction

After watching this auction on TV, I have decided that for my 50th birthday, I am going to go and buy myself a car. This car will be something I buy completely for fun, Frivolous. Absurd. Non-necessity. The reasoning behind my scheme is this: By the time I'm 50, I want to be in a financial place where I can go throw down up to $100,000 cash for a car. And not think twice about it. I am not a car person. I currently drive a 12 passenger Ford van. (That I happen to love. It's very off-roady looking.) I don't dream of having a linoleum floored garage filled with cars I don't drive. But I do want to be so financially stable and secure that I have a sporty little car that goes fast and handles well around curves. By that time in my life, Kacy will be 24, Will-23, Ed-21, and Jessie 19. And I will be 50. And maybe a grandma. A grandma with a frivolous hot rod. Right now I'm thinking a 1950's model corvette. In 20 years I might be able to afford a 2008 Porche Turbo Carrera. I'll park it next to my van. Oh,the possibilities.


  1. Great idea. My Boss has a 2007 Porsche Turbo Carrera. Its awesome. My other own has a Porsche Cayenne S.

  2. That's funny. So I just have to say Kendra told me what happened to you at the dr.'s office the other day!!! I can't believe how rude that is! Did she tell you they charged me (thank goodness they take American Express) full price only for me to find out the next business day that I had been pre approved for my IUD waaaay before I came in to get it! Oh I was mad, but happy to get a very large check in the mail... that really wasn't free money, just a little more to pay back to the card.