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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fish Hatchery

Yesterday we went to the fish hatchery for playgroup. I think the kids had fun. It's one of those things were it is a huge ordeal to take them, but they get a lot our of it, and they enjoy themselves. They get to play with other kids. I get a chance (sometimes) to talk to other adults. We rarely leave our house. I do that on purpose to keep my sanity. I am not one those people that has to go somewhere everyday to be happy. I hate shopping. I double hate browsing. We are happy at home! Besides, look at my kids. As adorable as they are, the oldest one isn't quite five years old. Makes outings a challenge.


  1. I hear ya loud and clear on this one...the effort is courageous, the escape attempts, outrageous. Good to hear I'm in good company.

  2. Wow! Four kids under five!

    David says,"If they're going to be good fishermen they need to learn the ways of the fish early." (David Proverb)