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Monday, April 7, 2008

My week in pictures and a request

Ed eating ANOTHER dog bone. I try, I honestly do.
Jessie is one month old!
Kid picnic. Will you believe they already gobbled up lots of broccoli before they ate their PB/honey sandwiches and Doritos? Me either.
Will getting into the picture...

And now for my request- I would like to know which song/songs get your bootie shaking. I have discovered something fabulous, but yet so simple. I listen to my mp3 player while cleaning and dance at the same time. It is a small form of exercise (I'm a terrible dancer), and it is AMAZING how well behaved the kids are when you can't hear them! Anyway, I would love to add to my playlist and was wondering if anyone had a favorite bootie shaking song. Please share!


  1. LOL it is amazing how well behaved they are when you can't hear them! I think I'll go listen to some music right now. There's quite a few booty shaking No Doubt songs.

  2. Jessie looks happy. I personally like songs from movies - happy little working song from enchanted or any high school musical songs. I also tend to like a lot of bon jovi and carrie underwood.

  3. Well this could end up being embarrassing! I pretty much shake my bootie to anything. What get's me out on the floor and the radio turned up to booming in the car is, Big and Rich (I know naughty), The B52's, and anything Hewey Lewis. Could I be any more dorky? SHHH don't tell anyone!

  4. I'm not sure it qualifies at rump-shakin' music but the song that gets me totally pumped and happy is The Killer's "Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll". Check it out!

  5. OK, I had to go through my ipod to see the ones that make me dance the most...mostly 80's stuff if you can believe that. BOnnie Tyler- Holding Out For a Hero, Elton John-Tiny Dancer, Kelly Clarkson- Since You've Been Gone, Madonna- Just Like a Prayer and Material Girl, Prince-Little Red Corvetter, Third Eye Blind-Semi-Charmed Kind of Life...I know I am crazy. I have to agree with your friend Karen, you can never go wrong with a little Bon Jovi- Livin' on a Prayer.

  6. Hey Eating Dog food must run in the family. I know Ryan used to like eating dog food when he was younger. He always wanted me to try it but I was not interested. I used to eat ants instead, the black ones are the best. I think Ryan ate cow crap once while playing golf but that is a long story.


  7. Whoo, you kill me. I wanted to try out your trick and threw my headphones on and my kids have been transformed. They're angels. I have no idea where or what they're up to. Maybe they've been translated. Good trick, good trick. As for what I'm jamming to ... Hey Ya by Outkast and Lost in Emotion by Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam