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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ryan's Redneck Ride

Medusa. Lovely, eh?
Check out the rattlesnake kick stand.
Ryan bought himself a Harley last week. 1976 something. This is how it looks now, but he has some plans for it. Different handle bars, flat black paint (bye-bye scary Medusa head...) and different exhaust. Oh- and a different seat.


  1. WOW...that is one SWEET airbrush job! I so love the kickstand, he needs to keep that one. I'm surprized the kids will get near it. I think Spencer would FREAK.

  2. NICE! My birth year....keep the Medusa head as a homage to me and I'll reward with you with never having to seeing my hair on a "natural" day. You'll look awesome riding behind him in your black leather vest with a matching medusa painted on back...... Like I said, NICE.

    And Jocelyn is right about the kickstand. It reminds me of the one on my pink huffy way back when. Come to think of it, I think Ryan should paint his pink too :)

  3. That's one sweet ride. So what gets done first the house or the motorcycle improvments?