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Sunday, April 20, 2008

That's just the way we roll

Coming home from Bakersfield on Friday night, I heard this song on Radio Disney (for the hundredth time, at least) and thought "This describes my life and family right now perfectly!"
The song is by the Jonas Brothers, and it's aptly titled "That Just the Way We Roll". The chorus goes like this:
And I know
We get a little crazy

And I know

We get a little loud

And I know

We're never gonna fake it

We are wild

We are free

We are more than you think

So call us freaks

But that's just the way we roll

No one has to tell me how crazy and loud my kids are. I KNOW. They probably get it from me. My kids never fake anything. They are wild, they are free, and I KNOW that most people think we are FREAKS (sort of a strong word, maybe just ODD) for living in a trailer with four kids under the age of five while trying to build a house without a contractor. Or many subcontractors for that matter. It's been two and a half years. Lots of folks think we're nuts for moving to the middle of nowhere. Even the people in town up here think we live far away. But you know what? That's just the way we roll.
And we are happy about it.
(If you want to see me unhappy, you know, genuinely stressed, there are two situations to consider: One- a trip to Bakersfield. Two- the 10 minutes after church is over and I don't know where half of my kids are. Running around all wild and free I suppose. As long as they aren't in the parking lot...)

Song: That's just the way we roll


  1. so...I try not to think too much about the boys being old, but this video got me thinkin'---what did I get myself into !! :) 17, 15, 13, 11 year old BOYS. Hopefully they wont be wild rock stars!

    Cute song...and I wouldn't consider the kiddos freaks, maybe just...HAPPY :)

  2. I are not a freak or crazy, I think you are a saint.

  3. I mean, you are not a freak or crazy, just a saint. Man maybe I was trying to convince myself of something in that previous comment. Possibly, that I should proofread!