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Thursday, May 8, 2008


5150- That's fuzz talk for "criminally insane" or just plain "crazy". I saw a lady on my way to the library that maybe could have been 5150- she was talking to the cars as they whizzed by her. But that's besides the point. I think I am crazy. I need to get my head checked, quite possibly. I took the kids to story time at the library today. Kacy was great, Will did better than expected, and Ed was awful. Jessie was awake in her seat. On the positive side, I didn't need to feed her the whole time we were there. Kacy and Will(mostly) sat on the blanket and listened to three stories about bugs. They listened to the songs. They actually looked a little scared. Ed had to sit on my lap and kept whining. After the whining came "Help! Help! Mom, stuck! Help!" as I was holding him down, trying to keep him quiet. Then came the craft. Kacy was marvelous, Will needed a little help, but did pretty well with scissors. Ed liked coloring. All of a sudden, Will needed to use the bathroom, and Jessie had a MAJOR blowout. Oozing diaper mess. I take Will, Jessie, and Ed to the bathroom. The library lady said "See you next time!" and I said "Oh, we'll be back..." We come back. A dirty kid of about 8 or 9 was playing with Jessie. His mom told him not to touch her because he was so filthy (her words) and I was grateful. Then two little ones kept touching her. I let the kids pick ONE book each and both Kacy and Will said "Where's MY book mom? The one about..." because they both check out the same book every time. We finally locate the books, and then I had the audacity to try and find a book for myself. I attempted to find the self help section. Looking for anything on parenting Will. Find "It takes a Village" by Hillary Clinton. No thanks- she had like what, one kid? And Chelsea probably spent most of her life with an adult other than her parents. Some books about dealing with your kids' ADD/ADHD. Nothing I wanted. At this point I would have almost picked up anything. Almost. The kids are getting restless, Ed wants desperately to run around the library. The filthy kid I mentioned earlier was chasing Ed with a toy snake the library has, and Ed was screaming at the top of his lungs "Mom! Nake! Nake! Monster Nake! AHHHHHHHH!" Until I caught up to him and whisked him away. I was slightly embarrassed ONLY because there were people in the library who looked like they were not amused. But you know what? They need not come during storytime then, if they are going to be that put out by the obnoxious kids. I will probably go again (WHAT????) only because it is so good for them all to get out in the world and learn.


  1. The part about the snake totally funny I could picture him as I was reasding it. I haven't taken the girls to story time because I don't want to fight SJ to sit down, she would want to wonder all over.

  2. I just like reading about other mom's parenting scenes! I think that's what entertains me about John & Kate +8.