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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Day in the Life

My day is just not complete unless it involves blood, sweat, and tears. This is just this morning: Jessie wakes up at 4:50 to eat. No big deal, she's been asleep forever anyway, and it's a little cold in the trailer. I take care of the girl, and then put her in bed with me because of the chill. This is at 5:30. At 6:00 am, Ed wakes up all cheery and happy, playing with my feet. I dutifully get up, grumble that it is TOO early to be awake, and turn on cartoons and get him some Reece's cereal, dry of course. I go back to bed, when I hear Kacy get up. I think I can relax now, because she is up and can watch for major disasters. My "mommy sense" is tingling and I get up to see Ed climbing on the kid's table, reaching into the kitchen towards the knives. I yell "No!!!" and he stops (because the other day I came out of the bathroom and in the 20 seconds I was in there, he had grabbed our French knife. By the handle... thank goodness. Freaked me out, my active imagination envisioning Ed running with said knife in the opposite direction and all the gory things that could happen. I don't do blood.) Anyway, my scream of "No!!!" gets his attention, and wakes up Will. I still attempt to get a few more minutes of sleep (How thick can I be???) when I hear water. Not running water, but puddles. I sit bolt upright in the bed, get out, and lo and behold, Ed dumped out my ice chest full of melting ice water from our grocery excursion last night. (That's what you do when you don't want your milk and cheese to taste funny- you take an ice chest when you live in the middle of nowhere.) Kacy is being very nice and trying to reach the paper towels to clean it up. I tell her "Thanks, but please go stand over there so I can do it." and I grab two dish towels. Then I grab two bath towels. Ed slips in the water. Because he was dancing in it. "Funny, mommy!" "Not funny, Ed!" We go about our morning. It takes Will over an hour to get dressed. AND Will is in my face all morning being very defiant and rude. Then, I have one of Ryan's friends pull up to the trailer, and at the same time I have my friend Marcie return my phone call and I needed to talk to her to find out where playgroup was. I felt like I was being rude to both of them. I asked Marcie to hold on, even though she JUST called me. I had to tell Tim that Ryan was getting ready for court. I had to tell the kids to get in the car... a hectic 5 minutes. We go to playgroup- not before running over the ice chest that Ed had emptied and that I threw outside. We went to a camp ground and did a nature walk and had a camp fire- even with the fire it was still fun. No one has bled yet today, but there has been plenty of sweat (mine) and tears (Will's Ed's, and almost mine) Everyone is napping now, so I am feeling the love again.


  1. *hugs* Sorry you're having "one of those" days.

  2. You know, you mentioned that Jessie had worken up early, but you missed the cooler extravaganza ... I am so totally impressed you even made TO playgroup. I think I might have duct taped the kids to the wall and gone back to bed. ;-) You rock!