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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Forest in a box update

TaDa! We have foliage. The trees to this point are doing very well. A couple haven't done anything yet, so I moved them into the sun better. They may not have gotten enough hormone on them, though. But, it's only a few, so the other 100+ trees are still something to be happy about.
Hybrid poplars- Ryan said these are the gender that don't leave a white cottony mess in the spring. (Must be females...) I remember a song from a commercial during my childhood, mybe sung by John Denver that went something like this: "Plant a tree, for your tomorrow. Plant a tree, it clears the air. Plant a tree, trees for America, and show the world you care." I sing it every time I see my trees. (Just like I sing "Let's go fly a kite" from Mary Poppins every time I fly a kite. Just can't help it.)

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