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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Forest in a Box

We ordered a "Forest in a Box" of hybrid poplar trees. For $63.00 plus shipping, we got 110 cuttings and everything to make them grow. If all goes well, in just a few short years we will have a nice privacy screen and lots of shade. Right now they are locked in the dog's cage so that the critters can's get to them- but wait! One is missing! Seriously, now we only have 109 trees, and the missing tree went missing on a day the kids were not outside. And on a gardening note, my garden is in ruins, as George ate my grid, dug up the onions and carrots, and Ed pulled out all the little bean plants that had sprouted. It will be electrified shortly.


  1. Good for Kacy! I always have to watch the needles too. My dad tricked me into looking away once for a tetnus shot, that is the ONLY shot I ever hated! The MMR shot is probably the one that hurt so bad, they feel ALOT like a wasp. MMR even makes me growl. As soon as we have transportation for 6 we want to come up and visit, at this rate your house will probably be finished though. LOL!

  2. I can't watch at all! I remember the first time Kennedy got her shots I was nervous and looking away and was surprised I didn't feel anything...DUH!

    And I must say I LOVE poplar trees!!! They are so pretty just don't put a pool next to them. My in-laws planted the trees and later put in a pool, bad for cleaning. But so pretty when the leaves blow in the wind.