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Monday, May 5, 2008

Jessie's Blessing

So typical- I try t get a group shot of the kids and 99% of them look like this one.
The nicest group shot I could manage before they usurped my authority and fled the scene.

Yesterday was a great day. Both Ryan and I agreed at the end of the day that we were both really happy about the whole thing. Yesterday Ryan blessed Jessie in church. Our entire immediate family was able to be there, and well as one of Jessie's great grandmas, Ellen. We disrupted several people's Sunday's by taking up several pews, which is always funny to me. I've been on both ends of the "that's my bench!" phenomenon. We are such creature's of habit. After church my side of the family came out to our property to see it and the house. Kendra and Michael (and kids) were out here a year ago for Spring break camping, my parents had been out here three years ago before we moved, and Steven, April, Karen, and Jason had never been out here. We had a picnic- kind of. Sandwiches, chips, drinks. It's hard to have people over because mostly you just stand in the dirt. The weather was perfect. After they left, we left and went to Bakersfield for Jocelyn's birthday. We had ribs. Yummy! The kids all played outside, and with a few exceptions, they were good! (My kids were the bad ones.)
We had a busy week last week, and I will post more pictures of it later.


  1. We had a fun day yesterday. The kids loved it , and thank goodness no one gets car sick. That always makes me nervous. Anyway, thanks for having us over and for the yummy lunch.

  2. How funny John and I were talking yesterday "Whos bench would we take" when we move. I try to change it up in church and he gets mad that we are "taking" someones bench. ITS A BENCH. Your kids look so cute. Looking forward to the rest of the pictures.

  3. Glad you had such a great Sunday. Those pictures look all too familiar:) I've decided it's just impossible to get all kids to cooperate at once. Cute kids though!!!

  4. I know what you mean about benches. I just moved (well a year ago) into a new ward and I am still sitting in the nosebleed section because I don't want to take over someone eles's territory. But I am sick of chasing after my kids and not getting anything out of Sacrament meeting. So watch out everyone - next week the Woolsey's are taking over!!!

    And I love your pictures. Again I hear every word. I have thousands of pictures of my kids and none are wall worthy!!

  5. Jessie was so cute in her little dress. It was PERFECT! Her smiles are so warm they melt me heart.