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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Kacy's Kindergarten Physical

Kacy had her physical, and everything went well, except that she failed the hearing test in one ear because of an ear infection. And the shots... she was so nervous and would not take her eyes off the needles. She was great for the finger poke and has great iron stores. She did okay with the TB test, although she was TENSE! I tried to make her look at me, but she is strong and watched the needles the whole time. She got four additional vaccinations, all of them in her arms, and one of them made her cry because it hurt. Which made me get teary-eyed, because I could tell it hurt her. She is 44 1/2 inches tall and weighs 48 pounds. Now she is ready for school. Yea!


  1. I always watch too. Kacy will love school. She's already a great student.

  2. How exciting. For me, school is a lot of fun. I distinctly remember the night before my first day of kindergarten. I was so excited and wanted it to come that I pretended to be asleep while my mom was reading me a bedtime story. I guess I thought if I pretended I would fall asleep faster and then I would get to go to school. And look at me, I'm still going to school and it's been 24 years!