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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Money addendum AND business spotlight AND blog to share

I have come across two great small business owners, and thought I'd share. But first, lest anyone get the wrong impression (because some people are so weird when it comes to talking about money-it makes them bored or queasy...) Ryan and I are not having money problems. I'm a great advocate of education for all subjects, and especially being self-reliant. So my last post was to document the big (new car) and little (coupon clipping) changes we are going to make because we want to grow old with out worries. No mortgage ASAP. My whole goal in life is to be like my grandparents, living off of interest of my accounts, rather than social security payments. How cool would that be? Just sayin'.

Business number one- Landscape ahead. If you live in the area, and you need yard help (NOT mowing your grass...) check out this girl. Her job is to help make your yard look great, and she does a great job. I highly recommend her skills. She can take you (meet you) to the nursery, help you pick out plants that will actually grow in our area (those tricky nursery people put lots of beauties out there that just die in our climate...) and tell you where to plant them, or she'll plant them for you, or make up a landscape design plan (very nifty...) that you can complete how you wish.

Business number two- A Good Time Out. This place is wonderful if you live in Bako and need drop in daycare without notice. It is located right by a fabulous shopping center (Hello Target!) and makes my life lots easier when I have doctor's appointments. The kids LOVE it. L-O-V-E it. The have a curriculum in the mornings that the kids can participate in. The are open late Friday and Saturdays if you want to go on a date. (Date. Date. What is that again?) Go here to see their place.

Oh, and for your reading pleasure, my SIL Jocelyn hooked me up with this great blog called The Pioneer Woman.
I love it; I find it hilarious! With some yummy looking recipes and great photos, it is very entertaining.


  1. i thought you guys were broke. i did see a group of kids today on a freeway exit begging for change and they all thought it was pretty funny. you dont have freeway offramps by your house do you?

  2. I have been reading Pioneer Woman for awhile too. I LOVE her blog. It does make me miss "home" though and my ranching roots. I have her in my favorites I guess I should list her on my blog too.