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Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer to-do list

Inspired by my SIL Jocelyn, here is my summer to do list. Going public will hold me more accountable. Maybe.

*potty train Ed *lose 10 pounds of fat *have fun with my kids *take the kids to see the giant redwoods (day trip) *take my kids to the Atascadero zoo and the beach (day trip-maybe...a slim possibility...) *sew more. sew at all... *keep my mail under control * get at least one pedicure, maybe two (such a luxury) *keep up with my journal *read the books on my "to-read" list on Goodreads *eat any tomatoes that might grow on my two tomato plants *eat more fresh veggies (to help with that lose 10 pounds of fat goal up there...) *finally fill out Kacy's Kindergarten registration papers (almost done!) *take my kids to the library on Fridays for the fun days/activities *keep in touch with my friends *fling-boogie my trailer (a Flylady term- totally fun) *record a tour of my trailer for all those curious as to how I live in it- messes and all *compile all the movies I've made and upload to YouTube and save to a disk


  1. I love the fly lady! Been flying for 1 yr! My house is so much nicer to be in now.

  2. Do you even have 10 pounds of fat? I hope I look as good as you do after having 4 babies. (I hope I have 4 babies someday)

  3. I think I might have to make a list to stop the boredom around here!

  4. Your list made me very tired!! I don't even want to start one because I know it will never get done, then I just feel like a loser...