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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Today is somewhat typical

Background: We have a "red box". It is a sea container that houses some of Ryan's shop stuff. The last few days there has been a funky smell emanating from within said red box. I take out some garbage I had in there. Open the door to air it out. Next day- the stench is still there. Now I face the facts- something has died in there. (Oh how I wish I could say "I have NO IDEA what a dead, rotting animal smells like...")The scene of the crime- the shop vac. How is that possible you say?
Note the maggots coming out of the top of the extension tube.
I carefully lift the tube out of its holder, expecting to see something nasty. Instead, I see this slight wetness, and more maggots. Stench is still there. I look in the tube, and see nothing. It's clogged with...
...this heap of wet, sticky, rotting, black rat/mouse. I flung it in the bushes, of course. LOVE those bushes. (And of course I poked it with a stick. How can you NOT poke a dead animal with a stick? I found it's tail, that's how I know it's a rat-mouse.)
Later in the day, Ryan and I are inside eating lunch while the three walking kids are playing outside. My "mommy-sense" starts to tingle (similar to Spiderman's "Spidy-sense") and I ask Ryan if he can see the kids. He says he can.
"Even Ed?"
"Yes, even Ed. But they are kinda far away." About a minute later, Kacy comes running up to the trailer. "MOM! MOM! The boys are going down the road!" Ryan looks and says "I can't see them anymore." He is just sitting down to eat lunch, I had just finished, so I volunteer to go get them. He says "Maybe you should take the car."
I run.
Far. Very far.
I catch up to the boys about a 1/4 mile away, and good thing for them I was completely out of breath and tired. Good thing. We walk back to the trailer and I tell them to stay in their sandbox, THAT'S IT! No where else. No less than 10 minutes elapse when all three of them come into the house with greasy hands from playing with the semi-trailer hitch. Ed was slightly more dirty, and required a bath with Dawn dish soap. I was in no good mood, but took a picture anyway, because I SUPPOSE it is humorous. Especially since he is crying in the picture. (Heehee- mean mommy...) Let me reassure you (and myself) that we are spending the rest of the day indoors watching cartoons. I'm exhausted.


  1. I could handle the rotted rat/mouse, but did you have to show the maggots?
    That's gross.

  2. Please tell me you are getting rid of the shopvac??? That was gross, and I am not easily grossed out!

    I hear you about being outside and all, it is too much hassle even though the kid love it!

  3. Ohhh, that's funny! Funny because I was talking about how gross it is to clean up poop, but I'd much rather poop than maggot face mouse. And for a moment I thought Ed had started eating the mouse until I realized it was grease all over him.

  4. Wow - at least the mouse is small! I was imagining something much bigger and needing a shovel to remove. The question I have is this: you said it was Ryan's stuff in there? Why didn't Ryan get to play with the dead mouse? Really, it seems to me like you get all the fun - you need to share, as an example to the kids (eyes rolling) ;-)

  5. I just threw up a little in my mouth just now...PLEASE tell me that wasn't really part of your "typical" day?! I'm nominating you for sainthood, lady.

    I tried getting Brandon to come see the pictures and he wouldn't. He saw my heaving reaction and opted to keep his food. Wuss.