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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Too much going on

So much is going on it's hard to keep up with everything. We said good-bye to our very cool van last week and hello to a very practical car for me. We celebrated Ryan's birthday. We had a flat tire (twice for Ryan... once Wednesday night coming home from Bakersfield with a bunch of youth from church in it, and then the next morning when trying to get to town with us in it. Not that big of a deal, but stressful for him.) That one event, that ONE flat tire, completely changed everything we were doing for almost a full 24 hours. Strange how that can happen. *Other things- I gave Jessie a bottle yesterday for the first time because she seems to always be hungry and I feel quite literally "empty" by the end of the day. She took it with no problems! The boys never had a problem with taking a bottle, but Kacy had major issues with it and kinda gave me anxiety forever about babies and bottles. *I spend entirely too much time on the Internet, and am taking a hiatus for a few days. We will see how that goes... I am planning on a beach trip next week and will leave my computer behind. I may go through withdrawals. *Sticking to a budget is hard, and I had to create a new category- Unexpected/not planned stuff. Sometimes I really hate being the accountant, and I've tried unsuccessfully to pass the torch to Ryan. That's a no-go in his book, so here I am. I'm the one who reads the financial books, invests in the stock market, and gets a subscription to Money magazine. Now, if all that information I know would just help me balance a budget... hey, maybe I should be a politician. Then I'd be okay. *I have had my new car since Thursday, and I've driven it about 7 miles. Ryan had me drive part way down our road. I tried to go to the grocery store, and he volunteered to drive me. Its the "zoom-zoom" thing of NOT driving a truck. Cars are very different, and our new Mazda5 is way different than my monster van. Will have to post pictures later. *Been meaning to update the house progress, but things look the same. Plumbing stuff is visually boring, and backfilling the dirt is exciting, but boring to look at. SO, maybe next week. (I keep saying that...) I look forward to living in a house again. Our trailer is decent, and I have very few complaints about it, but golly a real live house might be kinda nice. Oh! One complaint, only because I have to deal with this in a little while. I cannot iron OR microwave when the air conditioner is on. It trips all the breakers. Could be worse- at least I have AC. *I ordered Kacy new shoes online at Zappos.com- they have free shipping. I will order Will shoes from there next month, and probably Ed, too. Beats going to the store, and they have decent prices. She is getting pink Converse All Stars. She is so excited. *


  1. THANKS for the zappos gem! I've been drooling over the shoes imagining never walking into another shoe store with my crew. Say hi to your well shod kids for us.

  2. By the way, had to go private, can you send me an email? lenna_patyahoo.com

  3. Congrats on the new car. I am sure you will get used to it, and enjoy the increased gas economy!! You and everyone else will be buying cars with better MPG. The car lots will eventually be filled with SUVS, and Trucks they won't be able to sell, until we start drilling some stinking oil, and building refineries...I won't start...Enjoy your new car!