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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

200th post giveaway and Ed

This is assuming that people still read my blog besides myself. If no one does, that's cool, I'll use this card for myself! I have recently discovered iTunes, and iLove it. I don't have an iPod, and have yet to pay for anything off of iTunes. I am enjoying the podcasts of children's stories for my car rides. I know I'm about five years behind the rest of the world on this one. But I thought it would be fun to do a giveaway. I didn't do the Pay It Forward thing that was going on awhile back because I felt like if I won, I wasn't able to PIF because I was so busy. Now it's my turn. Leave me a comment and maybe tell me what your favorite song to run to it, and if you are a NONE runner, then just your favorite song. Or just say hi. You have a week- I will randomly draw a name or number or whatever next Wednesday morning and announce.
This morning Ed woke up with no diaper on. That's bad in my book. I was feeding Jessie, and I told Ed to go find his diaper. He goes and looks for it (kind of) and says "Diaper, where arrrrrreee yoooouuuu?" Last week he chased a coyote. I forget the exact day, probably due to my traumatic stress syndrome from dealing with my boys. Last week George (the dog) starts barking. The boys go outside to see what he is barking at while I make Ryan and I lunch (the kids had just finished eating...). I let them out, unsupervised. Kacy is standing by the window and says "Mom. The boys are following George." I say "Um hmm. That's nice." while making our lunch. She says "MOM. The boys are following George into the bushes!" I go out the door and yell at them to come back. Will comes back. Ryan can hear me yelling at Ed (He's pretty far away and NOT coming back, even though he stopped long enough to look at me and smile.) Ryan says "I'll go get him" and walks after him. This in itself makes me uneasy because I RUN after Ed, and Ryan WALKS. He's much more relaxed about it than me. I forgot to mention that we can hear a coyote yipping in broad daylight. I let Ryan go get him and the dog, and when he comes back 20 minutes later, Ed is red in the face and Ryan reports that Ed would stop and cock his head to listen, and then go in the direction of the coyote noise. George ended up following Ed (good dog, sort of- he he was really great he wouldn't brought Ed home somehow). My 25 month old thinks he's Daniel Boone or something- tracking wild animals. He is completely unafraid of animals. It's a little scary. I told Ryan that he's one of those kids who could be raised by wild animals and actually survive and thrive. You know, like Tarzan, Mowgli (TheJungle Book kid)- he's mean, he's tough, and he'll eat anything. Now, if only he would magically be potty trained...


  1. I'm so excited to be the first to comment. And of course I read your blog! I don't always leave comments but I love to hear what crazy stuff is going on in "Trailer Life".

    We LOVE iTunes as well. I would be hard-pressed to come up with a favorite song (we've got thousands in our library!). I really love bands like Keane, Coldplay, The Decembrists, Jack Johnson, the list goes on...

    Congrats on 200 posts! Keep the stories coming!

  2. I read your blog pretty much every day. Reading about other people doing what they want with their time helps me get through the day at work when I have to do what everyone else wants me to do.

    I am not very consistent when it comes to running but when I do it I usually enjoy it. Maybe next time I come to Bakersfield I can come see your house on a Saturday and we can run!

    As for songs...John usually picks a bunch of random stuff and puts it on my ipod, so I never know what I'm getting. We also have a HUGE music library so I will try to find something appropriate for you. I can tell you I love the song "September" by Earth, Wind and Fire; also "I Love you More Today Than Yesterday" but I'll have to check which version. More ideas will follow...

    I'm glad you caught Ed. What a crazy boy! And I'm glad you haven't been burned up!

    (Maybe I should email you instead of leaving such long posts.)

    Becky wuz here :)

  3. I think it's the Diana Ross version of that song

  4. That Ed is quite a guy. Did Ryan SEE the coyote?

    As for the favorite song...that's a hard one. When I WALK the track David made for me I like listening to lots of different stuff, but I think my favorite is George Strait. And I have to admit that although I love lots of his songs, the one I have listened to the most over the years is a waltz, "Never Gonna Let You Go," from George Strait #7.

  5. I love to see the pics of the updates on your house and read about all the fun your kids are having. As a former music teacher I love iTunes!!! I wrote my iPod off my taxes as a classroom expense....

    As for a favorite song, it is currently "Seven Days of the Week (I never go to work)" by They Might Be Giants. I could listen to this song over and over. Although I know it would probably drive most people crazy. :)

  6. It's me, and you know I always read your funny Ed stories. There great. My favorite song is Wont Go Home Without You, by Maroon 5. Benjamin also loves that song.

  7. ED!! that's one crazy boy. Im glad the coyote realized he should be moving AWAY from him. If I were a coyote I'd definately be headed in the opposite direction.
    Favorite songs are so hard for me...I downloaded a bunch of Weezer for my root canals and I have to say they worked really well for keeping my mind off of things and since root canals are just about as fun as running maybe it would work! I also love really brassy SKA. George Strait I could listen to for ANYTHING. I also think the song Jenn was talking about is catchy...I watched it on a pod cast thingy. I've always loved their Triangle man song. There is just way too much music out there for me to have a favorite.

  8. How cool. I just convinced Devonn to give me his ipod since he never uses it. I seriously set up itunes yesterday! I don't run but I need to. But anyway, my favorite song changes from day to day. Right now I'm a on a No Doubt kick and as always Metallica try listening to Mama Said and Low Man's Lyric for some good mellow Metallica. Anyway, I read your blog daily as well!

  9. You know I read your blog...

    For a second there I thought you were having a "200th post Ed giveaway." I think I read it wrong.

    Let me see right now I LOVE MIKA's song Big Girls (you are beautiful). I bet you can guess I DON'T run to this song.

    Congrats on 200 keep um comming!

  10. I read your blog every day that I can sneak onto JCs computer with out being caught. LOL! Shhh! Don't tell him that his "strictly for gaming computer" is being used to actually communicate to the outside world. LOL! I can't wait for Ed to finish my computer.

    I am glad it is just "boys in general" and not just MY boys that are wild. I am also glad you have not had to evacuate yet. My dad has been up there since it started with 0 days off yet. This one fire has been particularly frustrating to him. Too close to friends and families homes and the weather/wind not cooperating.

    As for music...LOL I am way in the stone age still using a radio only walkman. :( So if I come up in your drawing, draw again. Music wise I listen to EVERYTHING! I like to work out to harder music like ac/dc, metalica, breaking benjamin. But I also like country, oldies, alternative, you name as long as it is not elavator or opera.

  11. I am a faithful reader of your blog. I love to read anything you have to say and you always make it interesting!

    As far as music goes, I don't really have any one specific kind I like to excercise to. I'm so sick of my music right now. I'm getting some good ideas from your comments though:)

  12. It sounds like my little girl and Ed would get along good (shes wild).

    I usually like to listen to No Doubt while I am working out.

  13. great idea for a post! i have quite a few songs i run to. heart-barracuda, foo fighters-in your honour, blink 182, jimmy eat world-bleed american, billy idol- dancing with myself, the clash- capitol radio one, interpol- evil, judas priest- breaking the law, led zeppilin- kashmir, nada surf- let go, 311- down, gorillaz- feel good inc, gwen stefani- what are you waiting for?, the killers- mr brightside, young folks- peter bjorn and john, black eyed peas- pump it. i listen to a lot of other stuff too but a few songs are not really of much interest to an lds mother of four. as for podcasts, i dont really follow the kid stuff, but try vanguard plain talk on investing, or general conference is also put out on podcasts, but an awesome show is "This American Life" with Ira Glass. i have started to listen to it on a regular basis and it is really interesting. it might even put the kids to sleep. good luck

  14. So I was wrong - I listen to the Spiral Staircase version of that song. Also, I really like "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)" by Natalie Cole. Obviously I like sappy love songs. And I really like country music - Alan Jackson is great, and Reba but that's not really running music.

  15. I read your blog...I love reading about your life and kids!

    I-tunes is great, I love my I-pod. My favorite song is anything by David Cook I love his voice!

  16. How sad is it that I am married to a DJ who owns hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sound equipment and I don't own an i-pod, cd player,, home stereo system or even a walkman (do they still make those)It is the stupidest thing. I would even be happy with a little radio I could take around the house with me while I clean. But, nope all I have is a computer. So, thank goodness for i-tunes. I also use my dvd player and tv to play cd's which the only cd's I own (again remember what my husband does) are primary songs and the tabernacle choir. I so need help!!! One day I keep telling myself.I listen to a lot of latin music on my i-tunes. Keeps things neutral and I don't have to worry about the language or content cause I don't listen to it well enough to translate it. HeeHee!

  17. I think Ed would have given the coyote a run for his money! At church on Sunday Jim and I just LOVE to watch him, he reminds us so much of Trever, and Ryan mixed. I can't wait to see him as a Bishop or stake President.

    I haven't used Itunes yet but keep looking into it, I run to a lot of differnt things a mix. this sounds silly but I still love ICE ICE baby, and MC Hammers Can;t touch this. But I like Taylor Swift too.Any good mix with a good beat, not to fast and never slow. I am starting to prepare for our triathalon next year! I can tell you have been working on that too. You look great!