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Friday, July 25, 2008

Almost finished

Ryan called me and is on his way home. He'll be here in 20 minutes, instead of 24 hours. There goes that idea of having it all done... Here are the "helpers". I had to take many breaks to chase Ed. And to get my tools back. He is one busy little boy. I decided I don't care for picket fences at all. The style is not my style. I am going to play with a picture in photoshop and see what it would look like if I cut of the picket part of the fence. I like split rail style, or a fence with more horizontal lines. Barbed wire would've looked a little scary, but I'm sure it would have worked...I have the section by the gator to finish, and then I have to make the gates. That seems to me to be the hard part. And the bat in my car? It turned out to be a four inch long moth with a 6-7 inch wing span. That was the hugest moth I have ever seen, and I'm so happy it wasn't a bat.
Here is the best helper of them all. She sits in her stroller and smiles and sucks on her big toe while I work. She got extra lucky tonight because Kacy and Will took her four wheelin' in the stroller. She had fun. She is almost five months old.


  1. You are amazing! Of course, I know that women can do stuff even without having their men around-it's just nice to use their muscles every once in a while. Be sure to choose your gate latch carefully so Ed doesn't escape. :)

  2. Yeah just a moth! Moths I can handle! No eebie jeebies this time. LOL! The fence looks great! Your kids are also FREAKIN' CUTE! I love you guys, you need to come visit!

  3. Wow, I leave town for a couple of days and come back to find you've fenced up the homestead. Unbelieveable! Those kids are some of the best looking grand kids I've ever seen. Jessie is such a smiler! I do have one question. Do you think Ed could dig under to get out?