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Monday, July 7, 2008


We had a loud afternoon of bombers. There were two types- small ones and BIG ones. (I've never been into planes, but might start...) There were four big ones and two little ones circling the mountain and dropping stuff. Pretty neat when the plane is so big and so low that it casts huge shadows over you and shakes your house. Okay, so maybe if I had a real house, it wouldn't shake. But the trailer "hums" a little with the big bombers. The kids think the whole thing is "cool" and "awesome".
I just took out the trash and I can't even see the mountain in all the pictures I've been taking. The wind has shifted again, hopefully only temporarily. And did I mention it was 106 here today! Good times! And on a mental note, me being the mental one- seeing all those planes made me very grateful I wasn't in Europe during WWII. THAT would have been scary and very stressful.


  1. I'm just glad those bomber are dropping water. Glad your safe too.