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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fence Project, day two, and Pioneer day

No pictures, because I didn't get much done. Ryan's dad called and said he has pickets! That's great. So tomorrow I am going to wake up early and set as many rails as I can using this very unscientific method of my eyeballs and a level. I figure as long as each section is level, no one will notice if the fence is off by one or two inches. Hey, I'm no professional, and it's my first fence. I did set one section of rail before I quit tonight. I got really discouraged with all the bugs that kept dive bombing me. The bugs I could almost handle, but I quit at my second bat. In fact, I have a bat in my car. I was using my car to gather the air compressor, hose, and nail gun. While loading the air compressor in my car (it sat in Ed's car seat...) a bat flew into my car! What to do? My plan for tonight is to leave one window down and hope it flies out. I'll check it better in the morning when it's daylight and they are supposed to be sleeping. I chose one window because I didn't want to let anymore IN. But I'm not sure if that makes sense or not.
Today is Pioneer Day. Pioneer Day is the day that the pioneers from back east first came to the Salt Lake Valley. It meant a long trek in covered wagons (if you could afford it) or handcarts (pulled by hand, obviously). In our church's history this was a big deal. The members of the church kept being thrown out of towns and states because they were so "weird". Did you know it was legal to kill a Mormon in Missouri until just a few years ago? Seriously. Being a Mormon is more than just belonging to a church, it's a way of life and it is it's own culture. I think that's why it stings so badly when I have people make fun of it, or think that my religion is totally nuts, because that's who I am. (I can be a little nuts sometimes...) If you know me and like me at all, you HAVE to think that Mormon's are that freaky. But I got that a lot growing up. A lot of asking questions like "How many dad's do you have?" (okay, so lame, because even if we did practice polygamy, it would be how many MOMS, alright?") and "Why do you worship Joseph Smith?" (We do???) and my favorite "You're not a Christian, you are going to burn in hell." (Great friend Amy once had a run in with this herself, concerning me. She stuck up for me, which meant a lot to me.) Crimany people, if you are going to insult me, at least do it properly. That's just how it's been for me, up until I stayed home to raise the kids. That's when I left the workforce, and that's when the comments stopped. Ryan said he's never gotten comments like these. I must be an easy target. (Read between the lines: I'm a wimp!) On my mom's side of the family I have some ancestor's who crossed the plains, and I don't care who you are, that's impressive. I think of all the pioneers who made a trek on the Mormon trail, the Oregon trail, all the way to California (for gold!) and am impressed with their fortitude. I think that's why living in a trailer isn't too bad. It could be worse. I could be in a covered wagon. Or a tent. Or my house could be a dugout with a thatched roof. But no, I have running water, electricity, a toilet and shower, and propane to cook with. And the microwave (one of my favorite inventions ever!).
To celebrate pioneer day we had a primary activity today at the park. Marcie and I dressed up (a bit reluctantly...) in pioneer clothes. We played the "pull the stick" game, had a pie eating contest, a three legged race, tug of war, and ate hot dogs. The main attractions were the horse and carriage, compliments of a couple in our ward. It was very cool. AND the candy rocket. Okay, so the pioneers did NOT have air compressors, but the kids LOVED it, and so did I. Marcie's husband had this rocket thing that used PVC, a two liter bottle, water, and air, and it launched the bottle up into the air. The bottle had a dish taped to it, and the dish was full of candy- it was raining candy!
The bugs are still creeping me out and I have the heebie-jeebies because it feels like they are crawling on me. My hair is much like the loop part of hook and loop tape (Velcro) and bugs stick in it easily. Totally freaks me out. And that bat... that is in my car...


  1. WHAT A WOMAN! I keep telling Chris that one of these days he's going to come home and the wall between our kitchen and living room is going to be gone. The most I've done is take down a tile back splash and paint almost the whole house. Keep up the good work and I say any fence is a good fence as long as it keeps the kiddos in!

  2. Eww bats and bugs, now I have the heebie jeebies! *shivers* That fence is rockin' though! You amaze me!