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Monday, July 7, 2008

Fire Update (Again)

This is what it looks like right now. There are bombers flying rotations alternating between water and fire retardant (that red stuff). Like Ryan said, fighting fire is like voodoo magic. A lot of speculation involving terrain and weather. He just called me a little while ago and said the fire is moving west (we are east of the fire) and that they are evacuating a different area. It's nice having him "in" on what's happening. We don't even have smoke over us- just one day last week. The air is still clear; it does smell a little like a campfire. We are lucky right now that the wind is coming from the SE instead of the NW like it usually does. The county website has a cool thing about the fire and says how many acres and how much it has cost. They update it twice a day. Cool maps and stuff, too. Oh ya- see that FINE yellow box in the picture? That is some truck bed that Ryan got as a "good deal" and I have no idea what he had/has in mind for it. It's ugly, please ignore it.


  1. Sorry about the hassle of the fires. Stupid people. Throw your pitchfork away...I'd upgrade to something with fire (ha ha) power if your little housling burned...Sorry we missed you and the kiddos this last trip. Man, you were busy. We're giving everyone a break before we come hassling again. Hopefully sooner than later :)

  2. These fire shots are amazing...I dont think i'd be so calm. You guys better stay safe!! :)