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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fire Update

As of ten minutes ago, this is what the fire was doing- cresting the ridge of the mountain that by my estimates is about three miles away from us. I had to get out our big camera to take this shot, and I should have used a tripod. Whatever. I am going to go outside and watch the flames eat the trees. It is closer to us than I would like it to be, but since Ryan is my resident expert, he having been a hot shot crew member, having taken fire classes and range management, he having the inside info because of his job, AND the fact that he has traversed the terrain many times on his motorcycle, I am relying on him for worry. And since he's not worried, I'm not worried. Now, I'm going to spend some time in a lawn chair watching the flames.

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  1. I was wondering when we were going to hear from you about the fires. There all over we were hoping they wouldn't make it your way your way. How scary, I would be freaking out.