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Monday, July 14, 2008

Flash floods, day 2 (and 3)

Yesterday was Sunday, so of course we went to church. After church we dropped Ryan off at home and then went to his parent's house for Sunday dinner. All of Cherie's sisters were there, as well as lots of yummy food. (You have not had peach cobbler until you have eaten my mother-in-laws. They grow their own peaches...delicious! And I got to bring home lots of peaches and tomatoes- heavenly!) After dinner, Ryan's dad tells me he just talked to Ryan on the phone and that Ryan said the rain was worse than on Saturday. We look at the CHP website and county roads have closed a bunch of roads up here, and they specifically mention that my road might be next, within the hour. I gather up the kids and think that I can race home to beat the flood. About ten minutes into my trip Ryan calls me and tells me to stay in town because our road has at least three feet of water and mud running across it. For 200 yards. I turn around and go back to his parents and stay the night. Jocelyn provided us all with pj's. Ed woke up once and was calling for me in the kitchen. Will slept like a dead man. Kacy slept with me in my bed, and woke up early. When we finally got up, Ed was found on the living room rug. We came home early this morning, and everyone took a long nap. The kids are still sleeping. Ryan got called out early to work because it is once again raining and flooding. It looks like it might come this way in the next 1/2 hour or so. Nevermind. It's here. The wind is picking up, it's getting darker, and the temperature is falling.
Oh, and when Ryan came home on Saturday night, it took the guy less than 10 minutes to fix our electricity problem. The other day when he was working on his motorcycle, Kacy said "You sure know how to fix a bunch of stuff Dad." I said "Yup, what we do if Dad didn't know all this stuff?" Ryan replied "You would probably be living in a house.... nevermind. Let's not think about that."
True. Very true.
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  1. My life seems so boring. I need something more exciting than, "I don't know if I can pass this test."

  2. Who needs to watch reality shows when you have "Trailer Life". I am on pins and needles. Can't wait until the next show.

  3. Whenever people tell me how crazy my life is with all these kids...I immediately think of you. My life is pretty boring and low key compared to you. I am always amazed by you and admire how awesome you are as a mother, wife and friend. I enjoy reading your blog. It helps me to appreciate life and my house cause girl I could not live in a trailer. You Rock! I look forward o seeing more house pictures.

  4. Karrie, you know you can call us for ANYTHING. Don't be without power that long again, Jim could have fixed it, or Kenny or someone in our family, thats what we are here for. And if you need to get away for awhile you are always welcome here, or we'll just go out for tacos! Hang in there, it's got to end soon! And thank Ryan for everyone for keeping our valley safe!