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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

House Update

What rough plumbing looks like... as opposed to just "plumbing", which consists of pipes (or PEX tubing) in the walls, fixtures, toilets... In a cement slab foundation this is all laid in the dirt and covered with the cement, with the tops of the pipes sticking up. In a crawl space foundation, it is hung from the I-beams. California code says that you have to have your pipes drop 1/4 inch per foot of run. Honestly, this part is taking forever, and I think once we start framing, it'll go FAST. Ryan is all excited about the framing. He hates still being in the dirt. A few more things to do before the next inspection, then he can put the subfloor on. We are doing an extra step by laying plywood between the I-beams and then putting in cellulose insulation because we are going to insulate wherever we can. Doing this extra step will create a better "envelope" as the term goes in the building industry. That, and sealing up all your holes around your windows.
Ryan has also covered up the septic system and is pushing the dirt in around the block wall. Sounds easy, and it is with our tractor, but it takes a lot more time to move tons of dirt than I thought.

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