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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Hunter's Baptism and the FIRE

Last night when Ryan got home (2:45 AM- again, stupid people who drink and drive, and light fireworks (!!!!!) when they are illegal...) he told me that they were going to evacuate us the next day (today). I was barely awake, and I told him "Are you serious? Did you tell them we aren't leaving and that I'll wave a pitchfork at anyone who tries to make me?" I don't know what a pitchfork has to do with anything, except that I associate it with crazy people in protest. Anyway, when I left my property this morning at 11:30am to go to Bakersfield, the mountain looked a little smolder-y and that's it. The wind had died down around 3 or 4am. I went to Bakersfield where the kids played on the slip and slide and grandma and papa Bunting's house. Then we went to Hunter's baptism. Hunter is my step-nephew. Just so you know, taking you kids to play outside in the water and then to a church function is stupid- the kids had no naps and it showed with Ed. And Jessie was acting weird too. Kacy and Will were great. Everything is easier when your kids are at least three years old. Not easy, just easier. Anyway, on the way home Ryan called me and told me the winds had picked up again and that we were on notice to evacuate. This made me a little queasy. I thought about our dog, George, and how he is NOT getting in my new car, the hairy beast. And then I had other thoughts like, "Well, if we really, really have to go, Ryan better get home and hook up the trailer and take me to the lake for awhile because I can't hook the thing up." and then I started thinking, "What would I take if I couldn't take my trailer?" And then I thought "I will have a mental breakdown if the beginnings of my house burn to the ground and I have to live in the trailer that much longer." I just seriously might. But then I think "Whatever. If it's going to happen, it'll happen. We have a huge cleared area around our house, a small cleared area around our trailer, at least WE won't burn up." It's all just stuff, right? But it would be a PAIN to replace all of Ryan's tools and equipment, all of our furniture that we have stored up here... expensive! And we don't have homeowners insurance because technically we don't have a home. Should check on that... maybe there is some kind of fire insurance for campers with lots of stuff in storage. :) Anyway, I just checked the burning mountain and did the official wind test of licking my finger and holding it up in the wind, and I have no idea where the wind is coming from and how it might effect the fire. All I know is that I have lots of faith in the firefighters, nothing will happen that I have to worry about tonight, and that we should be okay as long as the wind stays mild. Ryan, on the other hand, has one heck of a night in front of him. The lake has a fireworks show tonight that is free, and there are people everywhere. Lots of RV's, tents, cars. Lots of BBQ's. Beer. Fights. Illegal fireworks. He's not going to get home until the wee hours of the morning.


  1. Wow Karrie! We will keep you in our prayers that the fire will not come your way! How scary for you guys! Keep us posted!

  2. I know things will be alright and you wil be fine. You are in our prayers. Hang in there.