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Monday, July 28, 2008

My finshed fence and Ryan's trip

Here is the finished product- almost. I got lazy today and didn't do much of anything. I need to push some gravel around to make the ground more level. Ed can crawl under some of the high spots. I finished it Saturday afternoon. I need one more latch, because rope is holding one of the gates closed. It works, but it's a pain to tie and untie all the time. I look forward to making it kid friendly. And cleaner. I left most of my scraps in our landscaping wagon, ready to go to the dumpster, which means the kids took them all out and now they are scattered.
Ryan returned from his scouting trip late Friday night. He went to the mountains... he could tell you exactly, but something about Lone Pine, and Sky Blue, New Army Pass, Soldier something or other... near Crabtree Meadow... he listed so many places I'm not really sure. He did say he'd love to go packing with the family someday. Not BACK packing, but horse-mule packing. He thinks Jessie needs to be at least 10 years old. I'll need a truck by then because just for our family of six, we'd need six horses and six mules. Plus all our gear. But, it sounds like fun. He left this morning for girls camp to cook. He'll be home again Saturday.


  1. Beautiful background. I wish I could have gone. I want to hear more about the alcohol stoves.

  2. The fence turned out really nice.