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Saturday, July 19, 2008

My kids' room

How I fit four kids into a space that is 5 feet by 8 feet (40 square feet...). It's not perfect and causes me much grief when the toys aren't picked up or they throw the blankets and pillows all over the small, small floor space. That is a pet peeve of mine anyway- blankets and pillows on the ground. Especially pillows. The thought of feet on the same surface you put your face on at night grosses me out. One of my neurosis, I guess. The black thing in the corner is our TV.

Stair-step storage from Ikea. I had this when we lived in a real house. It works really well for keeping toys off the floor- easy to throw stuff in when you are in a hurry (or mad at your kids for dumping everything out and throwing toys everywhere). Jessie sleeps in the white metal crib- it's a mini crib. We got it when Will was born. They make lots cuter ones now. Will and Ed both used it and they were big babies. I would recommend a mini crib to just about everyone- they take up less space. Mine folds in half, and I plan on keeping this crib for my grand kids if they come to visit because of the easy storage feature. I don't know what that is under the crib, except that I was cleaning (throwing stuff away) and didn't get to that part yet.
The other side of the "room" looks like this. The boys share the bottom bunk, and they do a good job at it! Kacy gets the top. The bunk bed is also from Ikea (cheap! real wood!). The black three drawer thing holds diapers and extra sheets. The basket on top holds extra stuff like blankets when it's hot, or pants that are off for nap time. The maroon colored curtain on the right side is the fourth "wall". We close it at nap times to help make it darker. There is a two foot space on the bottom of it. They make toy hauler trailers with a "garage" area- where there is a real wall and a door to separate the trailer. We now wish we got that style instead. It might be nice to have your kids play in an area where you can't see them or hear them once in awhile... And if we want to watch TV at night, it's really not nice for the kids because the TV is RIGHT THERE. (More of a problem when Ryan is home. When he works I put the kids to bed and then go to my room and read. Or fold laundry. And curse under my breath at all the stuff I keep tripping over, even though I just cleaned...)
This little area had gone through lots of transitions. I'm always looking for ways to make it better, and right now I'm at a standstill. Will and Kacy keep their clothes under the bed in a rolling storage box. THAT works great.


  1. Seriously, Karrie, you are amazing! I really don't know how you do it. I live in a house and am nowhere near that organized. Very impressive!

  2. I am very impressed with how spacious it looks with the small amount of space that you have!! You have many good storage techinques that I could use too!

  3. Where did you get your mini crib? We are looking for one for my SIL. Is the mattress thick or thin?

  4. Hey! Love the room...post a picture of your haircut!! I asked my gal what she does to mine and she just said, "I cut the bulk out...you've got lots of bulk" whatever that means...she's not getting a tip next time.

  5. What was take picture an old afternight bedtime bed picture on 13 years later