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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A rat, no power, and potty talk.

Here is what we are currently dealing with. We have a rat in our trailer. A kangaroo rat, I think. Normally, I would tell you that kangaroo rats are cute, they hop all over the place... but when they are in my silverware drawer, touching my spoons and eating my rubber spatula, my germ-o-phobe comes out and I hate them. About twice a year we'll get a mouse. There is only one place they can get in, and they are trapped in the bottom cabinetry of our little kitchen. We have lots of traps. I heard the rat last night rattling my eating utensils all over the place. I opened the drawer really fast and all I saw was the tail. I was hoping for a mouse. I got a rat instead. I set a mouse trap with PB on it, and I heard it go off so I go investigate. I pull out the drawer, and there is the rat, with it's paw in the trap and it is upside down. I think it got knocked out. I grabbed my tongs (it's like 3 in the morning, what else am I gonna touch it with? NOT my hands.) I barely touch it with the tongs and it pops up and sprints into the darkness of the cabinets. I set out some glue traps in the drawer, because it is WAY too big for my little mouse traps. Later, I hear it stuck on the trap (it sounds like they are trying to hop off of them). I grab my tongs, open the drawer and the rat is trying to get away. It falls to the floor, and I follow it with my tongs. I make a grab for it- and all I get is the glue trap. WITH IT'S TAIL STUCK ON IT! That crazy thing straight ate it's tail off to escape. My friend Amy says I should name it Stubby. Stubby is gonna get it tonight. I spent three hours chasing that thing last night. I just hope it didn't bleed to death from it's tail injury because then we'll have that "dead-rotten-bloated-animal" smell in the trailer. That, and the poopy diaper smell will make life tough.
We also have no power. It's a bit warm. The power went out at 1pm. I packed the kids in the car in hopes of leaving, but about a mile and a half from our driveway there was a power pole and wires all over the road. I keep calling the electricity company to see if they know when the power will be back on. I may try and pack the kids up again and use a gift certificate to eat dinner tonight, if I can get out. I miss my air conditioner.
I am also attempting to potty train Ed this week. I don't really want to even talk about it. All I know is that I am going to make a good effort on my part, and if I'm exhausted or really frustrated, then I'll quit. I don't have a lot of hope. Just a little.


  1. I know that the latest and hottest movie out is Batman, but it looks like Ratwoman is just as entertaining.

  2. GO ED!!! Well at least go in the potty Ed.

  3. Ok so note to self...I cannot read your blog while eating! I seriously almost threw up. First off...I have a huge fear of rodents and am a huge germ-a-phobe. If there was a "Woman of the Year" award you would sooo be getting it. Your fence is awesome by the way. What can't you do???

  4. Ok Karrie, I think you better come and stay here this week if you can get past the downed power poles. Rats and no air...that's too much!

    The fence looks great. Too bad it won't keep out critters.

  5. So as I always say your stories are way to funny. I can't believe you were chasing a rat with tongs, I would have left it for Michael to get, I'm a big chicken. I don't even like to kill spiders because I'm afraid they will jump on me. I'm going to start potty training SJ when the boys get in school, I think I can concentrate more with only 2 at home. You are very brave.