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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A sunset, a car, and a cake

The sunset on Sunday evening in Bakersfield. I thought the clouds looked neat-o.
My old car and my new car. Jocelyn and Oscar bought my van last month when we decided to get a more economic car. It was a hard decision to make, but our wallet will thank us. It gets more than twice the MPG than our van, and when you drive about 2000 miles a month, it really adds up.
Speaking of adding up, we've had the car for five weeks and it has 3678 miles on it. And wouldn't you know that we had road closures due to flash floods, and that our road is now passable, but very muddy and watery still? The van could've handled the water easily with it's lift and all. But my wallet couldn't have taken the almost 3700 miles in a little over a month gas bill. I love my new car- it is so sporty in the canyon. And I can keep it cleaner on the inside because I can reach all of it. It's a Mazda 5. It seats 6 people and I average 26-28 mpg. I haven't had any problems loading it up with groceries either. A trip to Lowe's or Home Depot for lumber is out...
And finally, a really cute cake made by Cherie, the self proclaimed "I don't decorate cakes well" cake decorator. She does a great job, they taste great, and the kids LOVE them. Ed got into the cake and ate an entire donut wheel when no one was looking. He ate FAST! Ah Ed. He is such a sweet boy, really. He has a strong, independent, two year old personality. If I don't have to call search and rescue by the time he's ten, I won't worry about him ever after that.


  1. That's an adorable cake! I don't think Cherie does anything badly.

  2. MMM! Cake! Now I am hungry...again. Cute car. Beautiful sunset.