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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Things we see on our evening walks around our property.

Ed picked one up, put it in his mouth, and said "Mmmm, ants yummy mommy!" He's so gross.
Ed calls these seed pods donuts. They belong to a Joshua Tree, and when you break one open on the carpet, there is a huge mess of fuzziness and black seeds the size of a pencil eraser, except flat.
He's taking time out of his busy schedule of laying under the trailer and escorting us on our walk to stop and smell the flowers.
My family.
Most of them, anyway. Kacy and Will are so close- I wonder if they will miss each other when Kacy starts school. I bet Will will miss her more, because she'll be too busy to think about it.
A gourd plant.
The hugest naturally occurring gourd plant I've ever seen.

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  1. There is a video around of Ryan eating ants....at least you can say he gets it from his dad.