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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Winner, and things I don't want to forget about my kids

Before I announce the winner of my little drawing, I'd like to thank you all for the ideas for songs. My favorite suggestion ended up being "I Never Go to Work" by They Might Be Giants. I am now going to purchase that DVD or CD for my kids. They love it, and I like it a lot, so it's great. And the winner is also the girl (lady, woman, lass, whatever!) who suggested it- Powersfam. Send me an email at karrie@hughes.net with your address. And a funny thing about powersfam, is that my mom used to babysit the hubby after school when I was in 2nd and 3rd grade.
This contest was very "bloggy" of me- usually I just blog about what goes on in my life that I want to remember in years to come when I'm reading my blog book (published by lulu.com). It felt a little weird, actually. So here I return to things of interest to me, and maybe anyone else.
I was talking to Will last week about his birthday coming up, and I asked him if he wanted to do anything special. He said he wanted an accordion. And to go to Aunt Gaye's house. He also wants to be a helicopter pilot or a jet pilot. Last Sunday Will asked me where we were going after church and I said "China" (because he knows we always go to Grandma Bunting's on Sundays... bad mommy to use sarcasm on a three year old). After church we turned the corner to take Ryan home and Will started crying "This isn't the way to China!" After our visit at the Bunting's, I was putting his shoes and socks on and he started crying again when I told him it was time to go home. "What about China? I want to go to China!" Tears and sobbing- all the adults present were laughing. It was funny. I was mean for lying to my kid. Sorry Will, but maybe you can go to China some other time.
Monday of this week we were all outside working on my garden (only two little tomatoe plants) because the dog and kids destroyed my first attempt. Ryan is welding on my square foot grid for me, and I am going to hook up and electric shock box to it to keep the pests out (dog and kids). We were all outside together, when Ed disappears (again!!!) I called and called for him, and of course he didn't show up. So Ryan climbs on top of our trailer and spots him in the bushes. HIDING. He called his name and Ed hunkered down further. That boy gives me fits. You would think I'd be in super shape chasing after him all the time. But I like food. A lot.
Today I got a haircut and it look funky. She did a terrible job. Cutting curly hair is a specialty I think. I came home and fixed it some. I think it'll be okay for a while. If I still hate it next week, maybe I can get someone else to fix it. I wanted layers so my hair wasn't so heavy and weighed down on top and bushy at the ends. She did the layers too choppy, and it was abrupt looking and nasty. It still fits in a ponytail though, so my usual hair do will still work. I think I have bangs. Kind of. This brings back my fear of hair people. I have had so many bad experiences with haircuts it's unreal.
Two days ago our pressure tank exploded. This is the second one in two years. A pressure tank is a tank you hook up to your well. It fills up and then pressurizes to give you a steady flow into your house or yard. This stops the well from drawing directly, which runs the well pump off and on too much. It is much easier and cheaper to replace a pressure tank than a well pump. Can I tell you the inconvenience this is? We still have running water, but as a precaution, we don't let it run for long periods. That means shallow baths. No laundry done. I have a HEAP of clothes to work on tomorrow.
Ryan is getting ready to leave for a week on a big backpacking trip with the scouts. I'm being selfish, but I'm not looking forward to it. He'll come home on Saturday and then leave Monday for Girls' Camp for a week. Almost two straight weeks of me and the kids...


  1. Yay!!! I am glad you love the song....kind of a catchy tune. And if you have any stories you want to pass on about my hubby I will gladly take them. :)

    Thank you for keeping me entertained while Cliff is on graves.

  2. I hear you! As always, you are more than welcome to come and use my washer/drying and let the kids run ... we just put a very little pool in the back yard.

  3. I don't envy your being home with your kids for two straight weeks.