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Friday, August 8, 2008


I'm posting because of the date. It looks cool, that's all. Here is what is going on around these parts.
Ryan: Working on the house.
Me: Putting around- thinking of the sandbox and getting a sewing area ready. Watching Ryan work on the house.
Kacy: Practicing writing her first and last name on lined paper in the D'Neilian handwriting style, because that's what her school does. D'Neilian is the slanted curvy writing, as opposed to Zaner-Bloser, most commonly known as ball and stick writing. She is doing math by adding numbers together, now she does it on her paper. Ryan laughed at her technique. She puts a number in her head by touching her forehead, and then counts the rest on her fingers. I taught that to her and Will in the car (we spend a lot of time in the car...). She is also practicing her slide stops on her bike.
Will: Working on being a good worker (He has improved dramatically with his listening skills, following directions, and not complaining- sing the praises!). Working on rhyming words (he's got it, and is now fascinated) and just a funny, funny thing- you know the "name game?" It goes like this: Will, Will, bo-bill, banana -nana fo fill, me my mo mill, Will. I taught this to the kids awhile back when Kacy was learning rhyming. I've heard some funny words be done, but the best is truck. Try it (in your head...) and to hear a little kid "swear" like a sailor is funny the first time. We don't ever say anything, because then it might become a problem. We do say, "OH! Let's do _______" and try to distract them without being obvious. Will is also saving his "jeans" to wear day after day. He has a pair of Carrhart jeans with a slider instead of a snap, and he LOVES these jeans. He has other jeans, but he thinks only this pair is "jeans". I do less laundry I guess.
Ed: Potty training. He is pre-potty training, on the cusp of getting it. He is learning what being wet means, and that it isn't comfortable. He's about half telling me and making it to the bathroom, and half telling me right after it happened and there is a puddle somewhere. I tried putting a diaper on him the other day and he took it off. I don't think I want to duct tape his diapers on, so undies and lots of laundry it is. I am hoping that in another two weeks he's done. I'm being realistic. I think.
Jessie: Knows what she wants and who can give it to her. For not speaking, she makes her wants very easy to understand. I love that she is so good to just lay in her crib and fall asleep. She has a great attitude and loves to be around the family. She doesn't have a choice, I know, but it seems like she would choose it over being more solitary or quiet. She is ready for an upright bouncer/exer-saucer thing.

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  1. thank you for the update. It is so cool that children can be so similar, yet so different. I love hearing about your children. I love them and miss them. Can't wait to hear someone get excited to see me. It doesn't happen that often.