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Friday, August 15, 2008

bits and pieces

Ed- this boy is not potty trained. I am thinking of waiting a month or so and trying again, but the thought of buying diapers is not a happy one. He is just HALF there, which a bit unpredictable, and his fluid intake is through the roof right now. That makes it hard for the both of us. If he drinks as much as he wants, he GOES gallons all the time. Going places doesn't help either- we live so far from anything that we'd be visiting every bathroom where ever we go, and using the bathroom at Vons is not fun. Not with this many little kids. Oh well, I'll take a break this Saturday and Sunday, since we will be out of town most of both days. I'll put him in a diaper and then try to remember to take him every hour or whatever. Potty training stinks, but two year old diapers stink more.
Love this girl- Jessie is awesome. A fuzzy picture of her- I'm still learning my manual settings on my camera, and I'm having a problem with focus. I'm working on it every now and then. I have a lot of projects going on...
Counting bears- one of my "I'm going to be better about preschool activities with my kids" purchases. I use to want to open a preschool. Having all these kids so young, it's like I have my own preschool now. I found out that Will recognizes his numbers, and so does Ed. Now that Kacy is going to be gone for 8 hours a day, my goal is to work with Will a little bit, and to get Ed to stop eating markers. I would love to play board games and let my kids do art projects, but seriously, Ed still makes a huge mess of everything. Today he ate the tip of a purple marker off, and apparently he stuck it up both nostrils first because they were purple, too.
The sky right now- the moon is behind scattered clouds. This picture would be even better if there wasn't a mass of dark in the upper right hand side.
This weekend will be a busy one with a baby shower and some shopping on Saturday, and then our regular Sunday routine.


  1. Where did you get the bear game?

  2. Ed is still really young. Nathan didn't get the concept until one month before he turned 3. Your a trooper. I threw away my first pair undies friday (SO not worth cleaning-yuck!)

  3. It was so nice to see you today. I forgot to tell you at the shower that your bibs and blanket looks great. I really need to get back into sewing. I am teaching myself so I get too nervous that I will mess something up and then I have wasted material. Love your little tags too. Where did you get them? I'd also like to get my hands on one of those bear games. I'm teaching preschool here at my house once a week for Isaac and about 4 other little boys. It will be pretty crazy I know! Nobody wanted to do a swap and I felt bad that he would be all alone. We'll see how long I last. Good luck Monday. I am always such a cry baby when I send them off to school. I hate saying goodbye to them.

  4. The bear counters I ordered from classroomdirect.com They are one of my favorite school supply companies. Carianne- the labels I got from wovenlabelsplus.com (I think that's right...) She was FAST, and very helpful. Kinda expensive, but makes what you create a little more "special"- besides, it's nice to know where the back of a skirt is for Kacy.

  5. The marker story cracks me up. I have banned markers from my house so many times for this sort of thing.