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Friday, August 1, 2008

Gardening Pest and Photography

First let me recognize that I have never posted (journaled) this much in my life. It must be the boredom, since Ryan is gone. Or, it's because I thought about formatting my blog for publishing again, and I really want something to remember in my book. But then I think, "Do I really care about a tomato wormy anyway?" Yes, I do, but not for posterity. Amy is going to look at this and tell me all about it. Or my master gardener mother-in-law. If I don't get rid of these things that seriously appeared OVERNIGHT, I won't have any tomatoes. Where did they come from? They are perfectly camouflaged. It's incredible. Ed was the only one willing to touch them with his bare hands. The rest of us put zip lock baggies over our hands to pluck and fling them. There were about a dozen or so... probably be more tomorrow.
On photography- I am a horrible photographer by default. Some people have a natural knack for design and composition. I do not. So instead I am going to study and read and learn and practice. Because I like a good picture. When I used to scrapbook, I would look at other people's pages and think "Wow! That is so good!" and then I realized that 90% of what I thought was "good" was because of a good picture. Not a paper or embellishment, but the actual photo. I have been experimenting with the manual mode on my "fancy" camera, and I love it! Now, if I just had a natural eye for composition... Ryan does, his dad does, cousin David does, Amy does... me? I'm a snapshot pro. But nothing great. So I am going to practice. And the reason I wrote about my tomato wormy AND photography at the same time is because I took the picture of the worm with my "fancy" camera on full manual mode. Using the light meter and aperture and shutter speed and ISO is so trippy to me, I am always surprised when something comes out. And since you can see the worm, it turned out! Now, if only my kids would hold still long enough for a picture...


  1. What camera do you have? Great picture and love that you took a picture rather than smashed the beautiful green pest.

  2. You gotta get rid of those suckers or your gonna get more BAT MOTHS....ew. Looks like a
    Tobacco Hornworm they LOVE tomatoes.

    Here is what the IPM says: