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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Will

Jasper William turns four today, and he has been counting down the days since May, when Kacy had her birthday. He is turning over a new leaf the last few weeks, becoming more and more pleasant. ("What???!!??" his grandmas are saying. "All my grandchildren are perfect!") Will spent the last two years crying a lot, and pretending he couldn't hear us. But he's changing! He is becoming helpful. He is crying A LOT less. He is talking A LOT more. He talks really fast. His grandpa Bunting thinks he'd make an excellent auctioneer. He could start tomorrow. He is starting to listen a lot better. It takes him 30 minutes to get dressed, unless I set a timer, and then he's done in two minutes flat. He loves Legos, heavy machinery, gum, ice cream, macaroni and cheese, being with his Dad, wearing plain tee shirts (no graphics), helping in the kitchen (he loves to cook), he loves salsa and enchiladas ("I like spicy food, mom!") and he is still concerned about being "cool". He has his own definition of "cool", and it involves his Vans, Carhartt jeans, his Tractor Supply hat, and a plain tee. His favorite CD in the car is Merle Haggard "Prison". (It's Jessie's too...)
"Look Mom! I'm a statue!"
Will at three months old.
Will at his first birthday. He was such a GOOD baby, and then he turned one. He started crying more. Life was rough for a few years. I see the light though, and I think he does, too. It's all about communication, man.
Let's not forget that Will has a head of VERY curly hair. People ask me if he gets it from me. NO WAY! My hair was more like Kacy's in texture. Will got every single curl gene from both sides of the family (there are actually many to choose from...) and viola- a 'fro. We keep it short because it starts growing OUT, not down when it gets longer.

We love our oldest boy. He cracks me up. Example: "Hey Will, your birthday is coming up. What do you want?" Him: "An accordion. Maybe red."


  1. Will really is "cool". I think 4 -year-olds make good buddies and are lots of fun to talk to.

  2. Happy birthday Will!! Your a great guy and very "cool".

  3. Happy Birthday Will, your cousins are excited to celebrate your birthday with you tonight.

  4. He's so cute. Four is a good age. Especially when they are the oldest child in the house for a few hours every day. They step right into big sibling mode and start being the helper when the older ones are at school. I have noticed however, when the oldest come home, so does the former Jake. :(

  5. What a cutie! Happy Birhday Will! I always think four year olds turn a new leaf, then they just start to get sassy around five!

  6. Jessie sure looks like Willard thought it was her, See you Tuesday