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Friday, August 22, 2008


I have thought of a few good reasons to home-school my kids.
1- No making lunches the night before or morning of, and then repeating the process at lunch time for the rest of the crew.
2- No bus stop that is five miles (one way!) away.
3- You can be gone whenever you want to be, where ever you want to be and not worry about picking up your kid from the bus stop.

These are the good reasons I won't be home schooling my kids.
1- I'm lazy.
2- I don't have the desire.
3- I love hearing how Kacy gets to interact with others at school and her perspective on people, their choices, and their differences.


  1. Don't forget the most important reason not to homeschool... Your kids would have to stay home!

  2. I have an idea. Stop building your dream home, move back to smelly Bakersfield, open your own school and teach my kids too. Sound good?

  3. Here is what I do about lunch...I make sandwiches (pb&J) on Sunday night and freeze them. Then in the morning I throw one in their lunch (I have to pack Isaac one too so he feels special) by the time its lunch the sandwich has kept the other food cold but has defrosted. Kinda like the ones you can buy at Costco in the freezer section but cheaper. Once a week I make a meat sandwich and when I do I make enough for two days worth of lunch. They don't complain and it is so much easier. Then I also pre-bag all my extras and throw them in the drawer in the fridge or my snack basket. Grab and go...that's my kinda life! Now if I can find people to carpool with me that would be great. I hate driving down to the school 3 times a day and interupting nap times. URGH!

  4. I'm against home schooling just because I do not want to be solely for whether or not Julia learns anything. There is a reason I became a music teacher instead of a math teacher-too much responsibility especially with all the testing they do now.

  5. Wait till they all go to school, then you won't even be questioning it. I love having the day to myself and of course its nice to hear about their day when they get home. You actually look forward to seeing them, instead of dreading the rest of them coming home!

  6. haha...you scared me for a minute. I think there are some definite positives to homeschool but the disadvantages are huge too. We have some friends who are successul at it with their 5 kids. Most of the tim the older the kids get, the weirder they get. School gives them experience (good and bad) Send them to school!

  7. I decided I just don't like my kids all that much!!

  8. There is no way I could homeschool. I am not that organized or scheduled. Although Kessa just started her first week of school today and I miss her already.