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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am getting lazy. Gone is July where is was so hot that all I could do was lay on the bed and read the Internet (really!) and blog about our happenings. Now it's August, Ryan is back from his little trips, and we have lots going on. I have my own sweat shop going on. In our storage shed, where there is no AC, I set up a little table with my sewing machine. I made my sister some baby shower gifts, and I'm mostly happy with how they turned out. I get a little critical of myself- always striving for perfection. I go out there in the heat of the day, and sweat and sew and I couldn't be happier. I've cut out an pinned a skirt for Kacy. She picked out the fabric, and it's a little Hannah Montana to me. She'll model later. I enjoyed sewing the gifts for my sister (can't say what in case she reads this), but I LOVE sewing clothes. I am so picky about clothes, everything I truly like costs way too much money for me, and then there is my 5 year old who has long legs. Now, I know I could go to WalMart and buy decent clothes there for a decent price. And I have nothing against WalMart- except the crowds. The style I have right now is jeans and fitted tees-not very cute. Very practical, but not fashionable. And there are times when I need to look nice. Church. Baby showers. A rare date with Ryan. I'd like to be cute, and so the sewing begins. Right now to ease myself back into things, it's easy stuff. And kid clothes.
Tonight is a meet-n-greet at the school for Kacy. (Probably one of those times to look nice, eh? Not gonna happen tonight...) There are free hot dogs. Yay! I am not looking forward to driving her to the bus stop, but I did find out I get a check every month for mileage. The bus stop is 5 miles away- one way. They just changed it this year. It used to be out this far, but because of budget cuts, they shortened the bus routes. Her school is so small, I love it that everyone will know her and watch out for her. She starts on Monday, and I have a class that starts the next Monday.

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