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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stubby returned

Last Thursday morning, I found evidence of a rat in my kitchen again. It put me in a really bad mood because I had just disinfected everything, and I wondered if my kids were going to get haunta virus (sp?) because I didn't see the rat evidence until after I gave them spoons for their cereal. I set out my last glue trap and the little mouse traps I had in the empty drawers. I kept the content of the drawers in grocery bags on the counter. I don't really have counter space, so this was a huge inconvenience. Yesterday at Lowe's we got these rat traps. When we got home Ryan saw the rat run under the couch. EEEWW! I grabbed the broom and went for it- I flung the rat out from under the couch and it ran under the cabinets. We loaded up the traps with peanut butter. When I woke up this morning I checked the traps, and sure enough, the rat was caught. And dead. I picked up the trap and inspected the rat- it was Stubby! It really and truly was that nasty rat (a wood rat, by the way, not a kangaroo rat...)- it's tail was an inch long with a scab on it. I thought I was being all animal friendly when I flung it out of the trailer that morning. I should have made sure it died somehow because the thing came back within 24 hours. It ate the rubber parts off of the tongs I used to throw it out. The Tomcat rat trap did it's job, and I love them. Whoever invented that style of trap is a genius. Stubby is finally gone. For reals, man.

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  1. I hate rodents! I've had mice and it is such a pain to disinfect everything. Be glad you are in a trailer. Less stuff to clean. The joys of living near open space.