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Friday, September 5, 2008

Jessie is six months old

Jessie turned six months old on Tuesday the second. At the Doctor on Wednesday, she weighed 18 pounds, 6 ounces, and was 27 inches long. She is our smallest baby- all the others weighed 20+ pounds at their six month appointment. Some of the things she likes are: oatmeal mixed with any fruit, her bottle, smiling, kicking herself out of her bouncy seat, her family, sleeping with a blanket over her head, and just about everything else. Things she doesn't like: nothing that I can think of, except her shots. At the Dr. she got an oral vaccination and two shots. The nurse was laughing at her because she wouldn't swallow the vaccination. She kept trying to spit it out, and she was getting mad. At the end of that the nurse stuck her with the needles and Jessie screamed at her. She stopped as soon as the nurse was done, so the drama was minimal, but the pain was real. She is such a super-duper good baby, I feel very lucky and do not take that for granted. I wish everyone could have a baby like Jessie, but not their first one because then when you get a baby with more than two emotions (Jessie's are happy and hungry) it might be harder to handle.


  1. 6 MONTHS already? Wow that was fast! She is so precious. I love to look at sleeping babies and especially when they are sucking their thumbs. LOL! Too cute!

  2. Jessie is so cute and we are so glad all is well. All your children are so precious and adorable. I love when you report on the bear facts that happen at your abode. Our lives get so busy, we go in a million directions, almost like a swarm of bees. Alas sometimes life can be a bear. And that can stink, but thats ok. Life just can't be all honey. Sometimes you just have to take your best shot. Thank you for your report. Uncle Dandy loves the "B" children

  3. That picture is so cute of our Jessie Girl. We love her to death. She is the best little happy baby I've ever seen. See you tomorrow.